Thursday, June 23, 2011

[NEWS] Discuss on Buzz Button-Generator for Chrome goes public

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand another one.

With this extension you can easily generate a pretty neat "Discuss on Buzz" button.
You simply right-click on the post-time of a Buzz and select "Generate Discuss on Buzz"
You will also be able to directly launch the extension from the toolbar and manually change the permalink it should refer to.

Copy&Paste the generated HTML code anywhere you want. Preferably there, where it works. In the HTML Tab of your Blogger Post-Editor for example.

This is not extensively tested software and the icon isn't as pretty as others.

Even if it looks like Google's stuff, it is not official Google's stuff. I just imitated the Google-style so it doesn't look like me after a night of coding.
(not like sh*t)

I bet there are a million bugs in there, but I try to patch them. Some time. I don't know when.

Yeah. If the extension nom noms your dinner, that's probably a bug. If it starts insulting you, that's probably a feature.
It might happen that this extension, due to it's messy code, becomes self aware and tries to kill you.

Don't panic. Remain calm and use a sticker to cover the extension in your toolbar.
If it launches nuclear weapons and wants to wipe out humanity, it is always a good idea to Duck&Cover.


Ah... you can get it HERE on the Chrome Webstore
It might take a few minutes until it is live!

Discuss on Buzz


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