Sunday, June 19, 2011

[BREAKING] Google Groups gets +1

Another discovery:

Google Groups shows already the first signs of +1 implementation! Only downside is, that I just found one reference to plusone in the code. So either way they just started or I'm too dumb to get the other jscript code loaded. but I'm pretty sure that they'll fully implement +1 here too. It would make a lot of sense in terms of social search benefits :)
So my guts tell me it will happen ;)

Thanks to Fernando for asking me to check the Groups source! Awesome bro! :D

I updated the +1able services chart too ;)

For those who still don't get the difference between a like and a +1:
[PROTIPS] Why Google's +1 and likes aren't the same.
READ IT! And stop complaining if you refuse to educate yourself -.-

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