Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[I'M SORRY] In the gutts of Google+ - Games and Gifts and Questions and stuff

Ok.. I feel so bad about this.. And I sincerely apologize for what I'm about to do now, but.. It's an illness. Yeah my obsession for Google's growing awesomeness hasn't been stopped. 8-I

Shall we get it over with? :-/

Ok, I recently suggested that it might be possible that Google jumps into social gaming and stuff based on the job description somewhere that I don't want to dig up right now because I'm way too excited about things and sh*t. (maybe later).
I also found out a while ago that there is an activity source called Gadgets, where I thought it might be a source for 3rd party scripts/apps that can post updates into the activity stream:


So. So code-druggie me... of course... started poking around in the code (sorrrryyyyy X-I I can't help it!) and found the following stuff:

f={ia:b.item.ia,,,Cf:b.Ab.GADGET_NAME},g=e||new M,f=Vx(f,m,c)+(" sent you a gift from "+(R(f.Cf)+"."));


f={ia:b.item.ia,,,Cf:b.Ab.GADGET_NAME},g=e||new M,f=Vx(f,m,c)+(" invites you to play "+(R(f.Cf)+"."));

" have sent you Game invites and more from Google+ Games}=4{"


As it seems, Google is currently toying with integrating games and 3rd party apps thingies...
Google+ Games is a nice name.. Google+ is genius for the whole thingy as you can combine anything.

So: Google+ Games is very real...

And it gets better. Remember my theory about Google Questions and that it might get integrated in Google Social/Google+ and that it might be pushed into the activity stream?


new M;c=Vx({ia:b.item.ia,,},m,c)+(" thinks you can answer a "+(cy(b,m,c)+(" about "+(by(b,m,c)+"."))));

c="We haven't received an answer to your "+(cy(b,m,c)+(" about "+(by(b,m,c)+".")));

(" commented on your answer to her "+(cy(b,m,c)+(" about "+(by(b,m,c)+"."))))

"You might try rephrasing or tagging your question to make it easier for someone to answer."

 "shared a question with you"reshared your question}=4{" " +1'd your question}=2{"

", and # others shared a question with you}}"

Yeah, exactly that. And note the gaps in the phrases? Maybe you can ask multiple questions too in a whole pack... or something.

Another interesting find:
"People in this Google Group."
Google Groups addon?

Ok.. I'll stop now, even there is many many more in there.. I'll just check if Google will hate me or not X-I
Sorrryyyyyy sorryyyyyyyyyyy!

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Jon said...

Thanks Florian. Keep going!

Gerben van Erkelens said...

I really hope that it's possible soon to add Greader and other feeds to Google+ aswell as other websites like Flickr!

Sandip said...

woohoo...awesome :)

Tchoa said...

hehehe! Keep digging man! ;-p

Scott Schablow said...

You ARE awesome. Don't stop now, you're just getting to the stuff that is more than catch up with Facebook!

Richard said...

Awesome find!

Neil said...

awesome digging! so can you tell me where i can find these code?..

Able Lawrence said...

What we have seen are only the first rays of dawn. Apparently a lot are in the pipeline

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