Thursday, June 16, 2011

[PREDICTIONS] Is Google building a social network juggernaut? Probably. And what the hell is Google Typhoon?

Ok ok, I gotta clear my head for a few minutes here...
I'm still dizzy from the loads of code I walked through and I should try to keep my head clear when I interpret all the clues.

So far it seems, that Google Profiles and gMail have a different progress at implementing new features.
I can't really figure out why there doesn't seem to be a possibility to plusOne a Buzz post on gMail, but they are already implementing it on Google Profiles...
As far as I could tell, Google is currently working on adding a rich media support to the gMail side.
Basically they dropped a huge chunk of picnik's code into gMail/Buzz with features like adjusting contrast, brightness, cropping, black and white, Sepia, cross-process, auto-color and so on.
There are also hints to editing videos, like rotating videos...
I  also found references to something called "Google Typhoon" with a link to a support page that isn't existent  (yet) ->(check it out here)
There is also support for displaying all available EXIF data... At first I thought it might be pure picasa code but there are also enhancements like the ability to +1 photos. (and probably videos too)
next to editing with picnik ("picnikedit", there is something called "pixyedit" o.O I couldn't find ANY reference on the web yet what that could be...

The tagging-system (for photos/videos) has been revamped with different approval and blocking schemes...

And there is Gadget support incoming.. The Gadgets will be loaded into the Googlebar, but I guess it is just an enhancement of the "add Gadget by URL" feature under labs.

Enhanced privacy with multiple private and public groups (for example you can hide certain people you follow from showing up in your "following-list" on your profile)

You will be able to restrict commenting to certain groups or certain people.
You can block certain people from commenting without blocking the whole user.

A little customized version of Buzz is coming to Google Apps users (very handy privacy settings!)

There are some kind of weird recommendations... probably for People to follow... but this time with a reason why this person was recommended and your feedback why this suggestion is shit, so that Google can find less shitty people to follow based on your decisions.

There seems to be support (as source for Buzzposts) for flickr photos (cooperation highly likely!), picasa (yeah that is treated exactly the same like flickr in the code), standalone... whatever that means, QUESTIONS as activities (!! you can mark something as a question so you can discuss about a topic! AWESOME!), normal activities, imported feeds/connected sites, Google Talk Status, Twitter, eMail-updates, Gadgets (? maybe plusOne and 3rd party), and "friendview" checkins... WTF is friendview? Are they rebranding Latitude? Or is this the old name before it was called Latitude?

There are also additional ways to filter "updates"(buzzposts).. Like "just high activity" or "just low activity"
There is a possibility to directly start a chat with the author of a post... Maybe it's nothing new... you can already do that in Google Buzz by using the dropdown next to the post.

You can choose which relationships/circles/groups whatever are public on your Google Profile.

Every user will show statistics like ... Number of public posts per week on average etc.

And I found a text that said "reshared post from Google +1"... Weird stuff.

And I found a shitload of smileys.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that there are hints to "trending topics" and the possibility to save searches...

That's about it... :D

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Pablo Chuken said...

I just had an orgasm. ;)

Jason 2.0 said...

Glad to see Google getting off their asses in regards to social.

Joe said...

This makes Joe happy.

Hajo said...

Has anybody already seen this people widget?

Florian Rohrweck said...

@Hajo.. no, I guess they have decided to pause the rollout. 2 possibilities:
A: They experienced compatibility problems with existing Google social services (the only people that reported to have the widget were Google apps users, who don't have Google buzz or Google profiles)
B: They want to launch it with the whole Google social package.

At least I haven't heard of anyone lately who got it in the last two weeks... so I assume that they might have paused the rollout... :-/

Jannik Lindquist said...

Florian, I think that Friendview is simply the name for the activity stream of updates from people you follow. Perhaps we will see one tab on Profiles called "Updates" (with our own posts) and one (private) tab called "Friendview" (with the posts from people we follow)

Fernando said...

and where are this smiles?

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