Thursday, June 16, 2011

New news or no news? Google Social discoveries... Even friggin more!

THIS IS THE RAW DATA I FOUND TODAY! I'll write a summary laterPhoto and Video-Editing on-site using picnik (? seems to be integrated) and Typhoon(?)

This action requires a Typhoon account. You can <span id="link_es_signup" class="cDa4f" tabindex="0" role="link" idlink>sign up</span> for free!
b.Bc.Qa("a",{href:"",target:"_blank"},"Learn More."))}


<div class="',"J-KU"," ","J-KU-KO",'">',"Location",'</div><div class="',"J-KU",'">',"Camera",'</div>
qp:"Dvb5zd",qN:"ISO Speed:",rN:b.sH[4]},c);TE({qN:"Exposure Bias:",rN:b.sH[5]},c);TE({qp:"Dvb5zd",qN:"Flash Used:",rN:b.sH[6]},c);

Fob(b,a,c){,"Orton","Orton",b,a,c)}function Gob(b){,"sepia","Sepia",b)}function Hob(b){,"warm","Warmify",b)}function Iob(b,a){var c=a||new S;c.append("Sending...");

this,"enhance","I'm Feeling Lucky",b)}function lob(b,a,c){,"CrossProcess","Cross Process",b,a,c)

wE("autocolor","JJ-HMBDl","Auto Color",iob);v(job,uE);wE("bw","JJ-zxeK6","Black and White",job);v(kob,uE);wE("enhance","JJ-XpjyRb","I'm Feeling Lucky",kob);v(lob,uE);wE("CrossProcess","JJ-bRNY0b","Cross Process",lob);v(mob,uE);wE("Neon","JJ-IF7Vqf","Neon",mob);v(nob,uE);wE("Vibrance","JJ-E6anOd","Vibrance",nob);v(oob,uE);wE("crop64","JJ-k3zo0c","Crop",oob);oob.prototype.Lb=function $OVa(a){function c(a){return parseInt(d.substr(a*4,4),16)/65535}(!a?0:/^[0-9a-fA-F]*$/.test(a.replace("1,","")))||h(Error(Yqa("Unexpected encoded crop string: %s",a)));


"Click to unlike this photo"

"Click to like this photo"

<div title='","Click to remove your +1 from this photo","'>","Remove +1","</div>"):c.append("<div title='","Click to +1 this photo","'>","+1","</div>"

"Delete photo","Delete video"

"Rotate video","rotatevideo"


"Adding this tag will notify the person you have tagged. They will be able to view the photo and the related album."," ",

"block</span> "+('<a href="'+T(d.Yaa.url)+'" class="cDa4f" target="_blank">'+(T(d.Yaa.nA)+"</a> from tagging you in the future."

c.append("would like to tag you in this photo."

"This tag will not be linked to your profile unless you approve it."

" and 1 other tag waiting for approval"
" other tags waiting for approval"

f.append("You are tagged in 1 photo in this post.")
c.ea(this.Rb,"Drag the box to the face you want to name."); "onYouTubePlayerReady"

"Reshared"+('<a class="Yw"'+(b.Vx.z5?'href="'+mg(ng(b.Vx.z5))+'"':"")+">post</a> from Google+1"


("camera_sync",2,"profile_photos",1,"profiles_scrapbook",4,"updates",0),zqb=new y(2,function(b,a){var c=a||new S;c.append("Photos from phone");r

c.append("Google Reader user")

:return"Gadget is already installed.";case "eb":return"Invalid gadget specification. Ensure URL is correct and the gadget does not contain errors.";case "eq":return"Gadget is over quota. Gadgets are limited to 2Kb of storage with "+(gl+".")}t

[Global score: "+T(b.update.wqa)+"]</b>"+(b.update.Bfa?" <b>[Personal score: "+T(b.update.Bfa)+"]</b>"

"You won't appear in the list of people "+(T(b.UQ)+" follows."),i="Your buzz will no longer appear in "+(T(b.UQ)+"'s stream."),k=T(b.UQ)+" will no longer be able to comment on your buzz."

"Private to chat contacts","</span>");else if(b.YK)c.append("<span>","Private to Latitude friends"
"1 person reshared this privately within "
"1 person publicly reshared this"
" people reshared this privately within "
c.append("Private to 1 person");else{var d="Private to "+(T(b.kta)+" people");

"Public on the web",mda:"Gc",mha:"Let anyone find and read your posts. Share your ideas with the world."

Dn:"Comment",pxa:"Comments on this post have been restricted by the owner."}
"You don't have permission to comment on posts from "
"Keep your posts restricted and only visible to the people you choose."
f="Keep your posts restricted and only visible to the people you choose within "+(T(c.domain)+"." (Google APPS???)

e="Visible to all members of your organization. Not shared outside of "+(T(c.domain)+".") Google APPS!
"This post will show up in your stream when it has new activity"

g.append("you have a saved search for this topic.")
"Recommended because "+
a="Thanks for the feedback! We'll keep this in mind when making future recommendations."
("this is popular in your extended network.")

" posts with less activity</span> from "+(f.toString()+"..."


case "youtube":case "mp3":case "lala":case "vimeo":f=!0;break;case "youtube-html5":g=!0;break;case "picasa":case "gmaps":i=!0;break;case "flickr":b.Ob()=="application/x-shockwave-flash"


"Welcome to Google Buzz"
"Back to all buzz"

"Create Update"
"Mute updates":"Unmute updates"

("Show the list of people I'm following and the list of people following me on </label>

"These relationships are shown on your public profile"):c.append("These relationships are not shown on your public profile"
"When you post publicly, he or she will see your posts in Buzz."):c.append("When you post publicly, they'll see your posts in Buzz.")
"You have "+(T(g.Tx)+" connected sites creating new posts in Buzz"

<\!-- TODO(mknichel): Add back when the promo actually supports Add to Group functionality.<span id="',b.Bf.f1,'" class="',"fusdic",'">',"Add to group"

"Number of common followers: "+d.ea.length);a.push("Weekly # of Public posts: "[0]);a.push("Total public posts since joining: "
"View and follow back"

" public posts per week",c.append(d)):b.Bf.uxa==1?c.append("1 public post since joining")

"Chat with author","W991lc"
"Follow author" "View all posts from author"

" new public posts by "+(T(" and "+(T(b.mL)+(" comment and "+(T(b.oL)+(" like on "+
(T("'s public posts this month")))))))),c.append(" ",d)):b.mL!=1&&b.oL!=1?(d=T(b.FZ)+(" new public posts by "+(T(" and "+(T(b.mL)+(" comments and "+(T(b.oL)+(" likes on "+(T("'s public posts this month")))))))),c.append(" ",d)):(b.mL==1&&(d=T(b.FZ)+(" new public posts by "+(T(" and "+(T(b.mL)+(" comment and "+(T(b.oL)+(" likes on "+(T("'s public posts this month")))))))),c.append(" ",d)),b.oL==1&&(d=T(b.FZ)+(" new public posts by "+(T(" and "+(T(b.mL)+(" comments and "+
(T(b.oL)+(" like on "+(T("'s public posts this month")))))))),c.append(" ",d))),c.append("</div>"));c.append("</div>");return a?"":c.toString()}function i6b(b,a){var c=a||new S,d=T(" is following "+T(b.ON));c.append(d);return a?"":c.toString()}


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