Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[NEWS] BuzzOne for Google Chrome goes public! [PlusOne for Google Buzz and Profiles]

Hey humans and ... non humans!

I just wanted to let you know that my latest, finest, first and worst Google Chrome extension has entered public testing.

Don't expect too much. It is crap. And it will probably eat your children.

It might even become self aware and wipe out humanity, who knows?
The safest would probably be, to put it into a potato. But science is fun!
So keep on testing and report bugs.

What it does:
It adds a plusOne button to Google Buzz and Google Profiles, so you can plusOne a buzz.
How it works:
Click the plusOne link to reveal the button.
Why do I have to click twice?
Because of perfomance issues (try the twitter plusOne and load 100 tweets, you'll see how slow it gets)
But I want to just click once, because I'm too weak or too lazy to do it twice! -.-
Shut up.

known issues:

  • Might break switching to buzzer-profiles in gMail (happened to me)
  • Buzzes on New-Profiles still work with a second set of +1 links, will be fixed in the near future -> causes +1 bubbles to show the wrong count.
  • Might cause layout issues.
  • Doesn't properly load if you enter directly a new-profile page and switch to Buzz tab later (happened to me)

I don't take any responsibility if your notebooks melts or spaceninjas abduct your cat because the extension sends messages to outer space.
If drugged monkeys appear, use your oxygen goggles just in case that the atmosphere catches fire.

If anything fails, breaks or doesn't work: It was a witch.

Where can I get it?
Here at the Chrome Store!

Discuss on Buzz

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