Wednesday, June 29, 2011

[I'M SORRY] In the gutts of Google+ - Uhm. Connecting the dots.

Ok. Magic trick:

function ay(b,a){var c=a||new M;c.a("Google Experts");
new M;f="Welcome to "+(ay(m,m,c)+("! "+(ay(m,m,c)+(" has just been turned on for "+(R(b.Ab.DOMAIN)+(". You can get answers from the "+(R(b.Ab.DOMAIN)+" community in about 5 minutes!"))

Pretty flexible definition :D
Google Experts or not Experts, that's the question.
Rebranded or not rebranded, who will know and who will decide? :-O

Seems like Google Questions could be Google Experts could be Google+ Questions (my favorite) could be something completely else!

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