Monday, June 27, 2011

[BREAKING] Latitude gets an update! (maybe)

Ok, this day is ridiculous!
I won't be able to get a minute sleep.. ugh!
My dear Buzz colleague Gerwin Sturm noticed something interesting today: The Google Latitude Check-Ins have been renamed to Google Check-Ins.

So, of course I headed over to Latitude to check for changes.. and there I found a few icons that are loaded but they are actually not new:

It is the fancy icon stuff for the instructions and blah :)
But... might there be more? You can bet your ass there is more!
set("createBtn","Create Location Link",!1,!1);
You can create a location link to your position to share it with others..

and you might say: OMG then everyone will always know where I am and read my mind and sh*t!

But don't fear:
{Wb:"How long do you want URL to be active",duration:"Temporary",yd:"30",Cd:"minutes",Bd:"hours",xd:"days",Dd:"weeks",zd:"Forever",Ad:"This link wont expire"});
You can set a due-date(/time) for these links, so they will expire and your privacy is as private as ever and such :D
{Nd:"Your location link is ready!",Rd:"Anyone with the link can see your location --No login required",Md:"The link auto expires: "
Hd:"With your location url, your friends can locate where you are.",Id:"You tightly control how long the url is active -- next 2 hours or forever?",Jd:"Stop your location urls from the Public Links tab, or from latitude on your mobile phone.",
This is great for temporarily telling your pal's where you're currently hunting at Friday night...
"http://Edit",Pd:"Edit",Qd:"Paste Link in email or IM to share"
And with some rocketscience.. yes WITH SCIENCE!... you can also send it to others via instant-messenger.

Here's some old stuff that you won't know if you don't use Latitude:
case 0:i="You are now sharing with "+Sg(c);break;case 1:i="You are now sharing with "+(Sg(c)+", but your location is hidden");break;case 2:i="You have not accepted "+(Sg(c)+"'s sharing request"
You can hide your location from certain people that you are Friends with too.
(And remember: This service is OPT-IN! It is switched off by default, so no need to worry! And except if you are posting your location explicitly public on the web or put a public location badge somewhere, NO ONE will know where you are except the people you want to know it.)

You can also set your position manually on the map: (also old info, but you should know)
T("Drag your photo to the location where you want yourself to be at","info")
Touchscreen-support incoming:
There will be a Tab to manage your public links and deactivate theme before they'd expire if necessary
You can also lookup the address you want to check-in manually in latitude:
document.getElementById("addr").value)+" not found, please check the address you entered","warning")}):T("Please enter an address","warning"
Of course it can also make use of chrome's beta-geolocation functions (also OPT-IN)
"Google Latitude",Lg+"fvlogo.png","Google Latitude would like to detect your location."

So, that's it for now... I want to catch some sleep -.-

Let me know if it is old stuff (the public link and such)
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Pablo Chuken said...

Great news! I Realized last week that the perfomance and the accuracy of Latitude increased significantly too.

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