Saturday, June 18, 2011

[PREDICTIONS] Orkut won't get killed by Google

I've heard a lot of concerns about Google's new social course and if they might shut down Orkut... so I took my time and sneaked around in Orkut's code to find some evidence and you know what?

Orkut will get a full plusOne integration and got quite some other mods that aren't online yet.

So, for all the haters and all those who are worried: Orkut won't get slashed. It wouldn't make any sense to kill it after investing lots of work into integrating a new social key element of Google's upcoming Social experience. That wouldn't make much sense.

And btw.: Orkut is pretty neat after the upgrade. I don't know if you guys have the same layout etc as I have (it says Beta), but it is quite cool and has a solid fanbase. It might be not as popular as facebook, but it has it's highlights.

I'll sneak around in the code a little later, maybe I find some other cool stuff...


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Pablo Chuken said...

This is another interesting perspective. No one has commented about Orkut's possible integration with Google's social project.

Art said...

After not looking at my Orkut account for ages, I just logged in and poked around a little. It definitely seems to be integrated with Google a little more than it has been in the past.

I wouldn't be surprised if Buzz and Orkut updates become one in the same at some point, and Orkut becomes what Google's whole social experience is centered around.

Richard said...

Hey Florian - I messaged Gina Trapani from TWIG saying TWIG was irrelevant if they ignored your blog.. she replied - I urged her to look at what you have done. TWIG could be the first to at least 'discuss' what Google Me will look like. Maybe they may call you for some insights on this week's episode? Now thats actual investigative journalism rather than talking about the latest Facebook and Apple news on TWIG. - She is a coder so she would be best to understand what you have discovered and pass it on to the TWIG panel.. who knows.. the tech press have not picked up on your discoveries yet.. I hope TWIG would be the first to discuss it..who knows.. god what do we need to do to make these people listen to what you have discovered??

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