Friday, June 24, 2011

About me.

I am idealistic. That's no secret.
I believe that we all have the duty to contribute to a better tomorrow, to move forward as a society.
I believe that we all should also mind the greater good.
I believe that everyone can do little things to make this world a better one, for us, our friends, our family, our children and the generations to come.

I like the thought, that what I do, moves people, inspires them to go further, to think greater.
Even if that, what I do, is not much. It's just words, or a friendly smile. A helping hand now and then.
Sometimes you have to do the right thing at the right time.
I'm not special. I just believe in some simple things.

I believe that a small spark, can enlighten the whole world.
Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail. But at least we should try.

That's why I will try to do something big.
I hope you all will support me, when the time has come.

It might be idealistic, but I always hope.

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