Monday, August 29, 2011

Florian Rohrweck has gone Google.

<p>Or at least I will be have gone soon. Or something like that :D I will post new articles again. Not so much about leaks but more about the dark arts of mastering Google products and APIs. Or something else. Time will tell!

Thanks to all of you, who supported me on my way and made my work so much fun and enjoyable! You guys are awesome!

Rock on!</p>

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paid for a purchase on Steam with Paypal but got no game? There's a fix for that.

If you paid for a game on Steam with PayPal but the payment flow was interrupted, you can get your purchase without contacting support and stuff...
So the game isn't showing up in your account?
Just purchase the same game a second time and you will get the message "There was an error blah blah, you already own the game blah blah" and you won't even see the PayPal website then during this "payment attempt"... Head to your games lib and there should be the missing game.

Btw: Limbo rocks the house! Try it! I love the graphics! (and it is just 9,99)