Saturday, June 4, 2011

[BOOTANIMATION] DukeOS Bootanimation (Duke Nukem Forever) for Samsung Galaxy Tab (7")

Hey guys...
Thanks to despotovski01's thread "How to make your own bootanimation" and a little magic (thanks to the pre-release demo of Duke Nukem Forever), I was able to create something awesome... the DukeOS Bootanimation. You need your tab rooted for that to work!

I may borrow despotovski01's instructions (sorry pal)...

Root Explorer method:
1. Rename your boot animation to
2. Put it on your SD card
3. Open Root Explorer and copy to /system/media. This will replace the existing boot animation
4. Reboot your phone

ADB method:
1. Make sure you have downloaded android sdk
2. Put android sdk in C:\
3. Set the directory of command prompt to C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools. Click here for a video tutorial.
4. Rename your boot animation to bootanimation and put it in C:\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools
5. Open cmd
6. Type in order:
-adb remount
-adb push /system/media/
-adb reboot

it is available in both lo-res (takes less space and loads way faster)
and hi res versions



I hope my dear friends from gearbox software aren't mad at me for that... It is just another promotion for the awesome upcoming Duke Nukem Forever (10th July 2011 International, 14th July 2011 US)!
I don't own any of the rights on the graphics!

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