Monday, June 27, 2011

[CHART] !UPDATED! Current and future +1 able items and services

Everything with a dotted border is unconfirmed and speculation. Docs in red is pure speculation.

You might realize how powerful a tool like +1 can be... The ultimate social recommendation engine.

For those of you, who ask now: and what is the difference to normal, public ratings?

Those don't show up in Google-Search.
There is no public rating for a website.
In some cases I really don't give a damn about the ratings of people outside my social circle.

If I want advice, I don't go to a complete stranger for that. I ask my friends and other people I know for their recommendation and THAT'S what +1 is all about.

UPDATE: iGoogle Gadgets confirmed to get +1


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Pablo Chuken said...


RenardCafé said...

Okay, right, i have link my twitter profile into my Google profile, so i have recommandation by people i really don't care. We have all complete stranger into Twitter, but actually we have most of time, true friends into Google (my gtalk/profiles i follow is friends only).

What is missing right now ? I think Google must work very hard on Google Profile, and chose a different name (Google Me is fine for example). Design is okay but not really good enough.

+1 is good, but Google need more profiles, if not that's not effective. Do you think people is push +1 button and create a Google Profiles ? That will be nice, but i don't think so :-/

Google Profiles must have a link to go Google Dashboard & Google Social Circles. Social Circles is actually a little complicated for most of people.

So, if Google add new tab to Google Profiles, like google services as Youtube, and what we want (Reader / Docs / Agenda) as you say on your last posts. If Google don't hide Google profile access (Click on our name, then click profile) and directly display it in the Google bar (on the top, i dont know the name of this bar) directly and doing some ads into main page. If Google give us an easy way to configure our Circles (something more like Google Dashboard). If Google use all experiences of social compagny they buy (like games), and develop more Android apps.

Then, Google will succeed. This is a lot of work !

And finally, i really think Chrome, Chromebooks & Chromeboxes will be the way for Google to do an invasion into Social World. After all, Mark Zuckerberg is really afraid about Google Social Circles.

Really nice reseach into this blog, by the way ! (and sorry about my english :p)

Florian Rohrweck said...

@renard Yeah if you want to use Google +1, a Google Profile is mandatory... Social circles is not Google Circles, that is named similar, but it has nothing to do with each other :)

Most of the things you stated are about to change anyways :D And for the chromebooks: there is evidence that they have advanced features they can use to directly interact with Google services (for example... Plug in a camera and you can directly sync your pictures to picasa etc)
cheers :)

RenardCafé said...


Social Circles is

But, you think Google Circles will be a new service from Google ? A real social network ??

Florian Rohrweck said...

Yeah, Google Circles is a "contact management" system, where you can make circles like: "friends" "family" "coworkers" and control who you want to share which information with :)
social circles (the link you posted) is part of social search, it shows over which services you are connected to who.. that's just a info-tool for hardcore fans and yeah, just like you said, way too complicated for people :)

So there are two different things.. but google circles isn't so much a social network, it is a tool where you can manage your contacts/followers

Florian Rohrweck said...

RenardCafé said...

Okay thanks, I'm really excited about next move !

David Knowles said...

Is it possible that Google could use its Social Circles to populate people friends on Circles.

Do you think Social circle could become a back end to Google social products?

Florian Rohrweck said...

@david... nah I Google Circles uses gMail Contacts afaik :) But it would be cool to get a neater interface for social circles though!

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