Monday, June 13, 2011

New news or no news? Google Social discoveries

Ok, this time stuff from the new profiles.

EDIT: If you want a verbal interpretation of all this tech-boohooo you should check out my other post
it is easier to understand for non-nerds :) Enjoy!
EDIT: <- download the code here, so you can poke around yourself!

I've to add: This does not show up anywhere else! It is just found in the Profiles source code!
This means: It is not-enabled code and was specifically built for Google Profiles! -> this means these are upcoming features, at least I hope so!

There is no possibility yet to use Google Profiles as a stand alone website for the Google Social experience, but this might change soon!

So let's walk through the discoveries:

The new tab-format(s):

var iFa={D_:"buzz",q_:"about",BC:"photos",mR:"videos",h2:"plusones",tC:"about"};

var kFa=["","buzz","about","contact","sidewiki"];

Whatever this is

gTalk in the GoogleBar!
var hs=new aj("people.oz");var Fk=new zk(hs,"gbar_api_ready"),Yca=new zk(hs,"gbar_chat_ready");new zk(hs,"iframes_api_ready");var dl=new zk(hs,"googleapis_api_ready");

Google Circles!!!
<hr/><h2 class="',"a-c-m-F-U"," ","a-c-m-Rm-U",'">',"Have you in circles","</h2>");NQ({label:"Show people who have added you to circles",Bm:"a-c-Rm-na",Ji:"a-b-c-Rm-na"}

var"'s public followers ("+(T(")")):"Have "+(T(" in circles ("+(T(")"))):b.profile.Rd?T("'s public followers":"Have "+(T(" in circles");

+1 a Comment!!!
" g:entity="comment:',,'" g:type="plusone" title="',"Recommend this comment"

+1 a Post... RIP BuzzOne
append("Click to remove your +1 from this post"):i.append("Click to +1 this post")

Private contacts? Interesting
P;!b.update.Gp?g.append("Public"):b.update.gF||b.update.hF?g.append("Private contacts")

Old stuff...
:g.append("Private");Ppa({title:"Click to view audience."

more +1:
+" people +1'd this":'<a href="javascript:;" class="a-b-f-i-ha-Sj">'+(T(f.Hd.zi)+" people</a> +1'd this");

+1's in profiles, that put me out of business
g.append("1 person liked this")>1&&(f=T(" people liked this"
f.append("1 person shared this"):

Some actions
innerText:"Mute this person"
innerText:"Unmute this person"
innerText:"Report or remove comments"
innerText:"Disable reshare"

Details about the location attachments.
f.append("Link to the place page for this location"):b.wn&&f.append("Link to the Google Maps page for this location");
"Map thumbnail for this location"

The different types of "update sources"... nothing new, gadgets is interesting though
switch({case "s:updates:share":case "s:updates:esshare":case "s:webupdatesmobile:share":case "s:talk:status":case "s:updates:emailupload":sra(b,d,c);break;case "":var e=d||new P;sra(b,e,c);break;case "s:gadgets:rca""s:feedreader:activity"

The various attachments to a photo... including location and video!
class="',"n-Wa-q"," ","n-Wa-q-Bb",'" title="',"Attach a video",'">
class="',"n-Wa-q"," ","n-Wa-q-z",'" title="',"Attach a photo",'">
class="',"n-Wa-q"," ","n-Wa-q-h",'" title="',"Attach a link",'">
class="',"n-Wa-q"," ","n-Wa-q-Dc",'" title="',"Attach your location",'">

It seems to be fully touchenabled!,["touchmove","mousemove"],this.Z,e);,["touchend","mouseup"],this.W,e)

Reporting Profiles (I guess that's not new...)
<form name="reportReasonForm">');(b.JN||b.ts)&&UD({value:"1",Aq:"Spam",td:!0},d,c);(b.VL||b.ts)&&UD({value:"2",Aq:"Nudity"},d,c);(b.EK||b.ts)&&UD({value:"3",Aq:"Hate speech or violence"},d,c);(b.DI||b.ts)&&UD({value:"7",Aq:"Child abuse"},d,c);(b.CD||b.ts)&&UD({value:"4",Aq:"Copyright"},d,c);b.PK&&UD({value:"5",Aq:"Impersonation"},d,c);b.OJ&&UD({value:"8",Aq:"Fake profile"},d,c);(b.oM||b.ts)&&UD({value:"6",Aq:"Other"},d,c);d.append("</form>");

Different image formats that are supported and the subdomain ""
case "jpg":case "jpeg":return"image/jpeg";case "gif":return"image/gif";case "png":return"image/png"}};

Camera-Sync? interesting..
new Ke("profile_photos",1,"",1,"updates",0,"camera_sync",2);

Various + Blocking
"This section of your profile is only visible to you."
"There are no messages to display."
Br({kb:"a-b-c-ah-h",title:"Unblock profile",Fa:"Unblock"},d,c)):b.fl.fL?(b=T(b.Aj)+" is following you - ",d.append(b),Br({kb:"a-b-c-r-h",title:"Block profile",Fa:"Block"}

"Videos are visible only to people they've been shared with."
"We were unable to fetch any videos at this time. Please try again."

Here again a hint to the new profile structure with photos and videos split:
switch(a){case "about":return!0;case "buzz":return!!INa(c);case "photos":return!!c.z[1];case "videos":return!!c.z[4];case "plusones":return!!c.z[2]}


"Visible to the recipients of the original posts"

More video stuff:
"View videos from my contacts", "View my videos"

Profile picture stuff:

"Set as profile photo"

Photo stuff:

c.append("Photos from phone");
c.append("Photos from posts");

Video sources:
case "picasa":f=this.k;break;case "youtube":f=this.b;break;default:f=this.v


label:"Allow Google to recognize your face in photos."

'When a tag is approved, it is linked to your profile, and the photo is added to the "Photos of you" section.'
"Show geo location information from photos in newly uploaded albums."
,"Add Videos tab to your profile."
<span class="a-g-E-RA a-g-h">Edit your profile</span> to make your Videos tab visible to others.',"</div>"


The group types (possibly old stuff...)

"Visible to anyone (public on the web)","</div>");else if(c.update.gF||c.update.hF)(a||new P).append('<div class="',
"d-s-r"," ","a-f-Tc-Fe",'">',"Visible to private list.","</div>")

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Good job.

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Looks darn interesting! :D

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Great work, Florian!

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Hey, I'm really impressed! Great post.

Thomas Morffew said...

Cool but Sidewiki? Lol no thanks.

Florian Rohrweck said...

I think the sidewike configuration is one of the obsolete tests... I had this configuration once :)

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ich denk da fehlt ein Komma ^^

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