Thursday, June 23, 2011

[HOW TO] Add a Discuss on Buzz Button to... wherever you want.

Ok, sorry my dear Google Buzz Team for abusing your scripts and stuff, but I think, this is AWESOME and people should totally use that!

It is simple, yet you have to do it (for now) manually...

Write an article and share it on Buzz.

Go to Buzz and get the permalink of the Buzz.

Use this code and replace the code ##OMGFHEREISMYPERMALINK## with your Buzz permalink.
<a class="google-buzz-button" data-button-style="follow" href="##OMGFHEREISMYPERMALINK##" target="_blank" title="Discuss on Google Buzz">Discuss on Buzz</a>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
Switch to the HTML Tab in Blogger (for example) and paste the code at the end of the article.

Save and....


Discuss on Buzz


Florian Rohrweck said...


theUmbrellaOffice said...

test nr. 2

Adam R Sweet said...


Ralf Muschall said...

[Copy of my buzz comment, original at

Sounds cool. But I think what we need now is a kind of style guide for both authors and commenters where to allow respective put the comments. I see this thing thrice just now: On Stilbruch (, here by Denis Labelle and again here by Going Buzz, and each of the three places has a separate comment thread.

My preliminary idea is as follows:

If the topic is of long-time interest, the buzz post should say "please put your comments on the blog". If it is a short-lived topic, the blog should say "please comment on buzz". In both cases (and generally with reshared buzzes) all reshared copies should say "please comment not here, but on the original".

It would be even nicer if those features were implemented by google. Another possibility would be to show the same comment thread in each copy of a reshared buzz, so that people who see only a later copy still can participate in or profit from the discussion.

Maybe google could even implement an optional feature on blogspot to automatically fuse the comment threads on blog post and buzz (this would require a well defined procedure to create a buzz from a blog post in order to correctly identify the buzz).

And for christmas I'd like some indentation feature for answers to comments on buzz (i.e. change the list of comments into a tree). ;-)

Jason 2.0 said...

Like. But it's just too much effort. I'm not fat because I like to work harder, you know.

Florian Rohrweck said...

@jason try the extension ^^

Environmentalist said...

i dont have the copy link address option. how can i copy it?

Florian Rohrweck said...

@Environmentalist you can also click on the date and copy the url from the address bar :)

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