Monday, June 20, 2011

[STATING THE OBVIOUS] Outtakes - Disposable Information

Disposable information

I will now copy the first 5 tweets in my... relatively abandoned Twitter account's timeline. Ready?

  • Ab mit dem Schnitzel in die Schweiz zu @------ :D
  • Happy Monday to all! Hope you all had a good weekend!
  • Ich willl auch Schnitzel!
  • RIP Ryan Dunn
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: New Order (74), Nat King Cole (63) & Spectral Display (33)

There is 20% somehow relevant information. And I don't care about that information.
plus: I never asked for the information about what music someone likes. I can't even filter the sources, I just get shoved it down my throat (that's what she said).


  • Congee with duck and preserved egg is so nommy! Only food I can hold down now
  • jipiiii, jipppii ,yeah!
  • RIP Ryan Dunn. I hope its not true, but if it is your fans and friends will miss you
  • rip, Ryan Dunn. [comment to that: "rip"]
  • Happy Monday 'Gals....well we hope your Monday is the best it can be! :)
Wow. that's even worse. No, there are better posts too, but these happened to be the first 5 posts.
The best post: It is quiet on fb...where is everyone?

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