Sunday, June 26, 2011

A short shout-out to the public - My current plans

Ok guys, here's what I've planned:

I want to write an open letter (more of an essay) about the importance to open source discontinued products (in whole or in parts) for sustaining knowledge and to aid the development of our society.
I want to make it clear, that discontinued products can indeed still be profitable for the company that makes the technology available for the public. Even if the monetization might be an indirect one (no license fees but improvement of reputation and therefor positive influence on sales).

I also thought of a new open technology license agreement that enables non-profit licensing of technology.

Furthermore I'd like to encourage companies to open more or less abandoned patents without any current application in their product lines for public use.
Another spark would be a website where abandoned ideas get published. Concepts that were never realized.
There should be also a central database that provides an overview about participating companies, available technology, concepts and patents, so anyone can browse it and maybe come up with some brilliant ideas.

There are still some major holes in this thing that have to be stuffed to ensure that no one can or will abuse this system for profit.

The concept is (yet) very vague and flawed, I'm aware of that and usually I'd never put anything THAT vague to the public, but I'm currently a little stuck (and I've too many things to do to be able to focus properly :-/)

Any ideas you might have on this are welcome!

Think of something like an "open technology alliance"

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