Thursday, June 30, 2011

[I'M SORRY] In the gutts of Google+ - A little snoop at games, Questions in Search and Shared Circles

Dear Engadget: Fuck you assholes for stealing my story without giving me credit.
I don't do this for money, so you could at least show some respect while you are exploiting my research for profit.
Thanks you arrogant piece-of-shit dickheads.

Ok, now back to you guys :) I found some interesting bits and pieces between all the already known sprites...
Well Google Questions seems to be in final testing as they already added this little question-mark to the sprites-collection of Google Search :D

But you might say: "Flo, these are the boring old ones. That doesn't give me a nerdgasm!"


Oh, look! What do we have here? Lots and lots of shiny buttons and stuff. I guess you all are creative enough to figure out what serves which purpose.
Yeah, questions and stuff.
But, what are those two couples there? o.O
Maaaaaybe it is a Social Search, where you can look up a shitload of posts in your Google Social Graph... That either focuses on Google+ or, what I assume, will provide a search for all your Tweeps (or however you people call that) and your posts and the posts of your Tweeps and the Tweets of your peeps and the posts on Google+ and the posts on Buzz and maybe Orkut and maybe whatever.. Possibly even Quora and all that connected stuff in your Account.

That's probably where the lost Content-Search function in Google+ went missing. Or such.

That is just speculation. But it's true. No it's actually not, but it's likely that Google will add a function like that for awesome people like us. or me. hopefully not for Engadget.
It could be something else too. And if it is. I don't care.

Ok, let's move on then:
I've no idea if that actually is already implemented and I'm too tired and too lazy to check if it is already there or not or whatever. I don't care at all, I'll just dump it here:

I present to you (Engadget "journalists" please look the other way now) shared circles. Yeah these are different state images of a shared circle thingy.
What this means for you: You can create a circle and share it with someone else, either public or private, so he doesn't have to create the circle again to follow the same Activity-Stream. Every authorized participant can (probably) add contacts to the circle himself. It is basically an option to create "interest groups" like reading circles, poetry enthusiasts, photographer talks... you can create shared circles that post cute kittenvideos that shoot frickin' lasers (yeah the videos shoot fricken' lasers!) all day long! The options are limitless!

I guess that's what a lot of people were waiting for.

And last but not least:

Games! Well.. Sort of. Kind of. Chess. Or something.
Yeah, I know, not the big bang, but actually a itty-bitty-proof.

Discuss on Buzz


Shaman said...

Discuss on Buzz? Seriously that should be on G+ at this time.

The couple I think is People search, when you search profiles or authors or celebrities

Florian Rohrweck said...

yeah then gimme the official button code :P you don't have it? Me neither.

and it leads to Google+ anyway

Tenkely said...

This is my favorite post thus far. Also, some of those sprites look familiar from Places.

Jannik Lindquist said...

Great work, Florian :-)

Paul said...

Google+ ueber allen. Nice post. Good job digging. Let's find hints in code that Google is planning to give all G+ members access to gigabit broadband. How can we otherwise keep our photo-sharing in pace with the G+ members from Kansas City?

Also any discoveries of G+ related experimental sexbots, circus peanuts, or soylent green would be cool too.

Florian Rohrweck said...

thanks @all :D
@Paul :D I'll keep you updated on that!

GMaps Gaier said...
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GMaps Gaier said...

find the circles here

Leo said...

Instead of Shared Circles as communities or interest groups, I wish Google do something to Google Groups as they did to Picasa.

andynathan said...


I want to thank you for the information here on your site. I discussed some of this with my blog readers.


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