Monday, June 27, 2011

[BREAKING] New Sprite Goodness! Google Social or... Google Plus? (and possible proof for Google Circles?)

Today, the awesome François Beaufort reminded me with one of his posts, that I might have missed to look at something... Sprites. From the Profiles Code

And here we go:
Live-Streaming on Google Profiles? Seems likely. Google acquired a lot of streaming co's and the integration of WebRTC would also make sense... Maybe it will be some kind of me-tube embedded in the profiles page.. ustream-style.
This sprite is called "GooglePlus Launcher". It fits the new dark googleBar in design. But what is GooglePlus? Is GooglePlus Google Social?
This sprite is called chat_promo.. I never saw it before so I posted it here..

I've no Idea what those do o.O
And I saved something very interesting for the end... ;)
Ladies and Gentlemen. I think we just found the first visual proof of Google Circles!

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andreas said...

Sprite 1 could also imply that there might be a Video-Chat-Function directly embedded into the profile, or not? too far fetched?

Florian Rohrweck said...

@andreas, no, that might be a correct assumption.. but the "live" irritates me. It is a rather uncommon expression for a two way chat... It's possible that it was meant for embedded chat though :)

Tenkely said...


Pablo Chuken said...

It is huge!

Florian Rohrweck said...

yay! :D

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