Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[RECOMMENDED] Bins - It's Mac OSx Stacks for Windows

Thanks to the guys at Lifehacker, I came across a neat little tool that made me do something, that I usually never do. Buy software.

Just kidding. Of course I own ALL of my software *coughs*

Ok, here are the  quick basics:
If you know the stacks functionality for Mac OSx, you probably thought: Hey, that would be quite awesome if I could have that crap on Windows!
And guess what: You can now! (sort of)


OneUp industries is currently beta testing Bins, which adds neat little stacks to your taskbar. It flawlessly integrates into your system and works intuitively like a charm! No lags, no errors, no fails (so far)
You just use drag&drop to crate the stacks... you can also lock them to avoid accidental manipulation due to lack of attention. (very important for me")
So grab the beta as long as it is free -> Go here!
You can also pre-order the application and get a registration key instantly for the future full-release (which will cost you money) with a 5$ discount! (you can also enter your VAT number to get the VAT deducted too) -> Go here!

Bins Website

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