Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[+HOW-TO] Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy Tab (7") is finally rolling out! (and rooted!)

The long awaited firmware JQ1 is finally rolling out and already available for you to flash!
Just jump to the thread at XDA Developers -> here (thanks to xda's Chainfire!) and download all the tools you need to get the hot stuff :)

It is currently rolling out over Kies starting in Italy (started today) so it could take a while until you get the official update.
It is a GSM Rom (I guess) for the European unbranded Galaxy-Tab (GT-P1000whatever), the branded ones still have to wait for their bloatware-infested versions.
I have already tried it and it works! (use the version WITH the bootloaders... they might be signed, but they are unprotected and work with unsigned kernels!)

I'll try to root it and will report later if it worked!

The instructions for flashing the new Firmware worked for me with Clockwork-Mod Recovery and Overcome ROM and the ext4 filesystem, so you should be safe to go, no matter what you've poisoned your System with :)

EDIT: Rooting worked with CF-Root and Odin -> use the File to root the tab with Gingerbread!

EDIT: Google Talk+Video works on it, but not flawlessly

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