Monday, May 9, 2011

[OBSOLETE?] New news or no news? Google Docs Offline suit will roll out soon!

ATTENTION: It is still uncertain if the findings are corpses from google Gears or if a relaunch of offline storage is really going to happen soon! Thx@Felix Kloft for pointing that out!

And now something we all have been waiting for a long long time. How have you been? Uh, sorry, Portal 2.
Nah, Google Docs will get offline support really soon -> Found in the production-code of Google Docs:

We will be phasing out support for Google Docs offline soon.

If you thought this was exciting, than have a second look...

"Docs Offline installation is being updated."
Please wait while Docs Offline software resources are being updated.

So you will be able to have a fully featured office-suite on your computer/laptop you can use offline.

Here an entry that reveals more of the functionality:
You have changes which are stored on this computer but have not yet been saved to Google's servers. The changes will be saved when you next open this document with this browser while connected to the internet.

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