Thursday, May 5, 2011

New news or no news? Google Business profiles

Today while poking around in Google's code (sorry 'bout that Google... it's all out of love), I made an interesting discovery. But before I reveal my wisdom, let me set a few things straight:

I fucking do not know every single Google service, I also do not spend all my day looking up Google news, so if this is already known and reported, don't flame me.

Ok, back to business.
I already predicted in a former post (What might or might not happen at Google IO 2011) that Google is starting an attack on facebook.

Overall Google starts an attack on Facebook, providing functionality for advertising, offers etc, that will be integrated in the Google search as a part of social search.

and it seems that I was right.
If you go on your Google profile (it just shows up there) and inspect the account-drop-down menu on the top-right side of the page in chrome, you find an interesting hidden menu entry..

Thanks to chrome's awesomeness, you can reveal this entry by just deselecting the checkbox next to the display: hidden; entry in the css inspector.

And voila: The link to Google Business Profiles appear!

Sadly the link (here) still leads nowhere :( So it is (at the moment) a dead end. But this means that there will be actually an pendant to the "Pages" of Facebook... Good news for business-owners!

Maybe it is just a code-corpse or it's already well known, but... I thought I should let you know

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