Friday, May 27, 2011

[COURTROOM] Lodsys LLC. sues Android devs too, same situation as with Apple

Yeah. I fucking hate these trolls. They claim that "it is just fair to get paid for their work", but why don't they have developed ONE SINGLE product that uses their "great invention". Because they are snake-oil traders. They sell imaginary stuff. An idea, that is nothing worth, because it was never realized. Others work hard to get prototypes up and running and LLC. let themselves get paid for the work of others. Great. So they are practically technology-pimps and prostitute ideas.

Whatever. So they start suing Apple devs who use in-app-payments... And not because Apple didn't properly license the technology... noooooooo:

No, that’s not what’s happening.   Apple is licensed for its nameplate products and services.  
source: here

They claim EVERY SINGLE DEVELOPER has to license their crap. WTF?

And now they turn against Android and the situation is the same:

So far no one has asked this, or speculated on it, but it’s a logical question for a business that has created applications on multiple platforms.  Google is licensedfor its nameplate products and services.  Also, Microsoft is licensed for their nameplate products and services. 
source: here

So please explain to me: What are Software patents for? They are simply a cheap rip-off.

Here is their "explaination" for their legal actions against devs:

 The economic gains provided by the Lodsys inventions (increase in revenue through additional sales, or decrease in costs to service the customer) are being enjoyed by the business that provides the product or service that interacts with the user.  Since Lodsys patent rights are of value to that overall solution, it is only fair to get paid by the party that is accountable for the entire solution and which captures the value (rather than a technology supplier or a retailer).    

As a comparative example, it is the owner of the hotel who is responsible for the overall service (value proposition) that guests pay for, not the owner of the land that the hotel may be leasing, not the travel agent that sold the reservation, not the manufacturer of tools such as hammers, nor the provider of materials such as nails or steel beams, which may be used in building the hotel; nor is it the outsourced linen washing service or the architect of the building who is responsible.  Lodsys’ patent portfolio is being used as a part of an overall solution and we are seeking to be paid for the use of patent rights by the accountable party.  

As an extended metaphor, in the hotel example, no one would expect the architect to not be paid, or for the nails to come for free.  They get paid some subset of the overall value, but they get paid for their contribution to the solution under an agreement they have with the hotel owner. 
source: here

So basically, they don't just want a slice of Google's or Apple's slice, they want a slice of every slice. Greedy? Indeed. So WHAT THE FUCK did Google or Apple license this crap for if their great license isn't worth crap for the devs? That's just bullshit!

Dear Lodsys, please go and fuck yourselves.


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