Monday, May 16, 2011

[PREDICTIONS] What will come up next in the Google System? Part 1

You all know the drill... I have no special insider information about what's happening at Google, I just try to put all puzzle-pieces together and that's why my assumptions can be right or... complete bullshit.

My predictions for the Google IO were quite... satisfying. There are still some open points that were not covered at the IO but are highly likely to happen.

First of all..
Chrome Store for GoogleTV

Hey, this beast is running chrome? What would you expect? I bet my ass they will introduce the web-store as soon as they update Google TV to Honeycomb in Summer 2011. Sadly, I'm almost sure, that they will just announce the Store instead of launching it. They need more Web-App devs who have their Web-Apps ready/optimized for the TV-Screen. The Web-Apps and extensions have to deal with a few things that you won't encounter in regular Chrome... For example the "overscan" etc... The other thing is, that they might want to ensure, that developers can test their Webapps/extensions right on the hardware, that's the reason why they wait for the update to Honeycomb in summer.

Chrome Store will get a separate Market or Category for GoogleTV Webapps

That's a no-brainer... otherwise people will just complain about the fact that the Apps are unusable (too small font-sizes, layout problems, navigation issues) or broken if they are not marked as "GoogleTV compatible"

The WebApps will have to ensure that they follow the standard-Guidelines for GoogleTV optimization

Andrew Rabon also pointed out that there was a screenshot out in the wild, showing a new icon, presumably the web-store, on GoogleTV, so I'd say that it is fact that this will happen...

Blogger will get it's redesign

Yeah we all noticed the outage of the Blogger service lately... I guess that was the first attempt to roll out the new design, but who knows.. I guess they postponed the release until the next scheduled update... Might take days or weeks... Who knows. It will happen soon :)

+1 button and Chrome-extension rollout

As mentioned during the Google I/O it will happen soon. I guess it will be End of this month or mid-june.

Google Docs, GMail, Google Calendar offline versions

Will happen in the next few weeks, not much information about that yet...

Google Music invites

Will probably start to roll out end of this month.


Andrew said...

I was disappointed the Blogger redesign and +1 buttons didn't launch at I/O, I hope they do to.

As for the Chrome Web Store, a Google TV representative told me they have nothing to announce yet, and that Chrome on Google TV supports normal web apps, to which I assumed that meant as opposed to installable ones. So it doesn't look good right now. :/ I'm making a game for the Web Store and I want to be able to play it on my Google TV!

Florian Rohrweck said...

@Andrew do you have a GoogleTV at home? I'd love to have one.. but they are hard to come by in Europe... :( Well you should try to open a .crx link in chrome on the GTV (host it somewhere) and just see what happens :D

Andrew said...

I do. I don't think it would be able to open a .crx file because, again, it's currently Chrome 5.0. Although I'll try it just to see what happens.

Florian Rohrweck said...

@Andrew.. ah damn, that's quite old... hmmmm

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