Saturday, May 7, 2011

[RANDOM TOUGHTS] Dear beloved Google! Some suggestions for improvement..

I don't want to complain about anything as I am really satisfied with the tools Google provides for Bloggers, but there is a simple thing that... kinda makes it hard to determine what content generates more readers when sharing them on Buzz or Reader.

Techcrap... uh sorry, Techcrunch didn't get how sharing works and complained about the same issue that I'm addressing here (with the small difference that I know what I am talking about)

I like sharing complete articles on Buzz and Reader, because it is simply convenient to browse through the millions of interesting articles of all feeds you like without having to visit every single website... But my stats aren't updated when people read these articles... I know there is little to do about it, except sharing just a short version of the article with a link to the main site with the full article (what I do not want). I am not a moneywhore like techcrunch... I switched off most ads because I have a very small but very dedicated reader-base and I want to reward them for sticking with me. The revenue for the ads was also way too little to be a real motivator.
So I just want to be heard and for that I need information about which articles are read the most, get reshared etc.
You can't just plug tracking scripts into the feed (yeah you can, but I don't feel comfortable about it) so the only option would be to build in native tracking support into reader and buzz for reshared (blogger) posts.
It would be cool if I could read all comments on every reshared article etc. and it would help me to give you guys the stuff you are interested in...
So that's basically all for today as I wasted most of the time (4 hrs) playing Crysis and I gotta crunch a lot of work today...

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