Friday, May 6, 2011

Google Voice accepts (in theory) your VOIP number as a forwarding phone

I already mentioned this in a sidenote in my post about "HOW TO: Add a second Google Talk account and Sprint-Integration for non-Sprint numbers to your Google Voice Account" last month but I think I should probably point at this another time...

Google Voice supports forwarding calls to VOIP numbers. Yeah... that's right.
So, how do I know about this magic mystery?
Simple. I regularly waste my time poking around in Google's guts and discover one or another hidden Gem (or corpse).
So I discovered an array in the Java-Script that looks (right now) like that:

zKe=zrb("2","Mobile","7","Gizmo","9","Google Chat","1","Home","10","Mobile","4",
"VOIP Phone","3","Work")

Note that it is the source-array for the dropdown you see when adding a new forwarding phone...
The second array is the array of enabled options.


Using the method I described in my earlier post, you could be able to hack a VOIP number into the system, but sadly I repeatedly failed at the format of the number.
NOTE: Nr. 10 is(was) the Sprint integration of voice, now it is generic Mobile.
Also interesting are the gaps between the numbers.

So if anyone figures out the right way to trick voice, let me know..


jonwilson said...

Has anyone tried this? Or even successfully forwarded calls to VOIP through Google Voice? I want to know because that would be an awesome feature.

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Florian Rohrweck said...

I've tried but I wasn't able to figure out the proper format of the forwarding number... It has to contain an @ but just consists of numbers before the @. And I got stuck at a generic error in the end but maybe someone can reverse engineer the criteria

MarkRupperts said...

This is a cool feature then. I haven't tried this one yet and I think I should try it now.

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