Thursday, May 12, 2011

Facebook caught red handed in smearing campaign against Google

Best story this week: Facebook got caught in their attempt to ruin Google's reputation by anonymously hire a PR company to pay journalists and bloggers to spread lies about customer data privacy.

Fun enough, but guess who they hired for this campaign?
A company called "Burson-Marsteller"
check this out:


NinaRevenant said...

oooo busted! hee hee ;p

StanleyMarcusMalone said...

I think every major competition of Google wants the gigantic corporation out of the Internet. That is, of course, impossible.

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Amarant said...

This is shocking. I guess we really still don't understand what's going on under the hood with these gigantic corporations.

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Larry said...

You just cannot expect what these companies will do next to gain advantage. It truly is a dog-eat-dog corporate world.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad for FB. Getting caught implies they acknowledge Google's superiority to them. If I were them, I'd just get SEO reseller services.

ryan undersom said...

If you’re inclined in this industry then you should be tougher than anyone else. No offense, I think that's how the competition goes.

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HideeKlyn said...

This has definitely stained Facebook's reputation. Anybody have an update to this? real estate SEO services

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