Thursday, May 26, 2011

[UPDATED][HOW TO] install Google Talk with Voice&Video on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" or the Motorola Milestone

NOW WITH WORKING FRONT FACING CAMERA in a signed update zip (Galaxy Tab!) If you have problems with the video: first enable "allow voice and video chat" under your status and if it still doesn't work properly, use the camera rotate button in the app :) Installing via Recovery didn't work.. I extracted the files and replaced them manually
(UPDATED: get it HERE from XDA or HERE FROM MULTIUPLOAD for front facing camera to work, thanks for the hint dirtyhandz305)

Hey everyone, it's time for some magic again!

I guess you all heard about this awesome new schtuff that came out for the Samsung Nexus S... Google Talk + Voice and Video! Envious? Oh, you don't have to be anymore! (Partially)

Samsung started today the rollout for Gingerbread on the original Galaxy Tabs and, of course, we can make use of sweet Google Talk now.
If you have been living under a rock until now, you can get all you need in this Post, which contains all the links you need for a rooted Gingerbread device.
The same works for Motorola Milestone with Nadlabak's Cyanogenmod 7 port too.

Download this zip fileand extract it's contents to your sd-card. Mount the sd-card on your device again and use root-explorer (or any similar app) to copy the to the path "/system/lib"

next move to the original Talk.apk from "/system/app" to a backup location on your sd-card and copy the Talk.apk provided in the zip-file you downloaded before to the "/system/app" folder. Restart the device and everything should work fine. (you might have to delete the application data in the settings if you experience problems)

It works! :D

The downside of that whole thing is, that the devices seem to use the main camera instead of the front-facing camera... also I had no image transmitted to the Google-Talk webapp (hmpf) but maybe someone figures it out...
Voice seems to work just fine... but I haven't had time to test it in detail!

Check out the updated APK for front facing camera!


draltan® said...

Problem with the front camera. Other side can't see me

Anita said...

The software update for Android phones made the Google talk work perfectly. I've installed it on my phone, and I love it. I can say that Google Talk is one of the best VOIP services today.

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