Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[I'M SORRY] In the gutts of Google+ - Meet me in the Hangouts - Google Meeting

Ok, maybe this is old news for some of you... but don't punch me if it is old.
Seriously. I don't like to be punched!

Let's jump right in: Google didn't just build your everyday social network... no... it is more than that.
For example: the Hangouts. They are magical unicorns sh*tting rainbows and such. Just like the Nyan-Cat. But the rainbows are made of skittles. In fact, they are frickin' magical double skittle rainbows. Yep. That's how they are. I'm just sayin'.

So... now that we've set that straight, let's face a fact. Google needs biz. On Google+ and such.
And a biz needs biz tools. Because tools are made for work. Like boots are made for walking. And that's what they just do. And one day, these boots are gonna...
Yeah I'm tired and I write silly things.

So: What is the one thing on this shiny blue marble called earth that managers love the most, even more than their shiny watches and their shiny shoes?


Yup. You might now connect one or two dots here.


Huh? what is that? Is that? Could it be?
If I might decode this gibberish for you: It means "Hey is this session a meeting or a group chat?"
So it is not the same. So it must be something new, huh?
well... It seems like Business Profiles gets a naughty new toy...
fy(c,"join meeting","images/answer-call.png"))}ey(c,"ServiceIcon","images/calendar.png");

Interesting: Calendar? Might it be possible to schedule a Meeting on Hangout on calendar? I think that might be possible... could be coincidence too... I'll check the Google Calendar Code later to verify :D

"Your camera and microphone will be activated for this meeting. Okay?":"Your microphone will be activated for this meeting. Okay?"
Yep, makes sense to me.
Meetings can be obviously audio and video or audio only.

a="You can't join this meeting right now because the room is full."
And... yeah rooms can be full.. that is.. logical.

The naming convention here is pretty interesting as it points to Google Voice and as we all (or just me) know, the Google Talkgadget and the people-widget in gMail have strong ties to Google Voice :D

Well well well... things come together here...
Maybe it just uses the base-framework of Google Voice.. who knows :D

Yep, it is Google Voice!
d="You will be charged for each caller who joins. International rates may vary.<br/>"

BAM! Telephone Conferencing up to 10 calls and 10 videochats, that is pretty awesome :D
(a.Ia,"You invited too many people. The size of the meeting is 10 people, and 10 phone calls.")
"Some participants in this meeting joined via phone were invited by you. If you leave the meeting, they will be disconnected. Are you sure you want to leave anyway?"
"Enter a contact or phone number"

Texting is also possible in Meetings!!!
name:"Voice Calling and Texting in Google Talk with Meetings"
f="Please make sure you are connected to the Internet before sending a text message.";break;case "in":f="Cannot text "+(a+" because it does not look like a valid phone number."

"Google Meeting Plugin Stats"
"Getting Started with Google Talk with Meetings"
"You can find answers to all of your questioins about Google Talk with Meetings in our Help Center."
Uhhmmm typo
Oh nice... seems like it is really called Google Meeting :D
(I'm currently digging into the code while writing soooo... just follow me :D)

And here come the invitations:
g="I've invited you to an online meeting at "
"Failed to send a meeting invitation to the following people: "
(b="Sending invitations via email to <b>"+
"Users who are online and in your chat contacts will receive an instant message inviting them to the meeting. Users who are offline or not in your contacts will receive an email message. Meeting invitations will automatically include the name of the meeting, URL, your name and your email address."

Hear he, hear he! As it seems you can spectate too if there are too many people in the Meeting:
this.Rh("Due to the number of participants in this meeting, your microphone is muted by default.")};
You can also remotely mute the audio of participants if you discuss secret stuff :-O Like.. "Hey, Paul is such an asshole, we should fire him! But on Friday, so he won't do anything stupid. Statistics and stuff."
{a='Mute audio for meeting participant "

Also interesting: If you have a kind of license, you can host...
"You are the last person in this meeting with a host license. If you leave, the meeting will end automatically shortly afterwards. Are you sure you want to leave the meeting?"

So it MIGHT be a service that costs a bit.. but I'm not sure about that though.. might be included in the Google Apps license as this is coming to Google Apps:
"This group chat has users from a different domain. Be careful what you discuss.":
"You are inviting people from different domains"

Screencasts! >_< 
Uff that is so awesome!!
"Please upgrade your Google Talk Plugin to screencast."
"Share screen"
"This is an experimental UI for dogfooding screencast. This is very new. It has known issues. See release notes for more information."
'The window "'+(P(b.title)+'" is selected for screen casting, present to project it to all the members of the meeting or cancel to stop.'
Sooooorrryyyyyyy X-I

Google Talk Meeting Room Devices?!
'For Google Talk Meeting Room Devices to see the doc, pop-out the doc and click "Share Screen".'
'The document "'+(a+'" has been displayed to all participants.'
"A document has been displayed to all participants."

Share documents!
"Add documents to the meeting"
"Meeting documents failed to load."
"Meeting documents"
"One or more participants need access to this document. Click to fix sharing settings."

Presentations from gDocs
BW=new $V("docs","presentation")

Making notes during Meetings!
title:"Meeting notes"

Whiteboard functions!!!
As it seems, the whiteboard recording and the notes can be sent to others via email.


Record the Meeting? 
That seems very experimental though at the moment so it might not find it's way in the final product..
cursor:pointer; color:blue;":"color:gray;",'">Start Record</span>
<input type="checkbox" id="recordaudio" checked> <label for="recordaudio"> Audio </label><input type="checkbox" id="recordvideo" checked> <label for="recordvideo"> Video </label>

The supported stuff...
var AW=new $V("docs","embeddedDocument"),BW=new $V("docs","presentation"),CW=new $V("docs","jointlyDialog"),DW=new $V("docs","notes"),EW=new $V("docs","whiteboard"),Gha=new $V("docs","screencastcheck");

This is the most awesome stuff for Companies Google could have ever come up with! This is the ULTIMATE conferencing tool ever!!!
Google just punched every competitor in the nuts! Congrats!!!


Thomas Morffew said...


Tenkely said...

YEs, Yes YES!!!

Shaine Mata said...

All my +1 are belong to you.

MattStoneNYC said...

Nice find!

jh said...


Great work, Florian

Tinu Abayomi-Paul said...

This is the most excited I've been about + since I got in. :)

kpaul86 said...

Some of this exists (to a point) for apps users or if you have attended a Google webcast. These "meetings" are open to registration or invites but from what I can tell only Google & partners can initially create them. This includes the screencasts, audio, chat, attachments , & follow up meeting notes.

The gVoice integration and etc. sounds awesome though!

Sweet finds!

Matt Wolfe said...

I think I'm missing something, because I don't get this post - does this mean we can hold video meetings now? Not trying to be weird, I've read this 3 times...

papyromancer said...

Great sleuthing here :D

I am looking forward to seeing G+ on apps domains, it'll be a great business tool for geographically separated teams.

philena said...

I love unicorn poop.

Richard said...

Fantastic find again by Nostraflorianus !

Bish said...

@Matt Wolfe:
No it is an indication of things that G+ MIGHT offer to businesses in future through App accounts.

Great work, Flo... like always! :)

emman said...

is there some kind of +inifinity just like +1 of google. I wanna +infinity google+ :D

jayzon277 said...
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daniel1988 said...

Hi Florian,

All your findings are great, but please think about this before you post your further findings.

As we all know, competition is everywhere around us. If you disclose some secret Google product, a competitor may jump in with "similar" idea and steal future Google market share in that area.

I am pretty sure that every serious company hires people to do exactly the same thing you do - "spy on competition". You shouldn't help them :)

Since you like Google and your blog became very popular, think twice if you're doing the right thing for Google.

FYI: at the moment I am not a Google employee, just a Google adorer :)

Florian Rohrweck said...

Hey daniel! Yeah I already thought of that, that's why I contacted Googlers before leaking my last discovery ^^ well they didn't say yes.. they didn't answer at all... but I will continue now doing that, so that Google has a fair chance to ask me not to do it :)

daniel1988 said...

Just have one thing in mind.

I am currently working at one worldwide known company (which I don't want to directly mention right now). A few months ago happened that one of our branches gave an announcement on their site a couple of hours before they were supposed to. (they did not take into account time zone difference)
They ran into serious trouble because of that (and it was only a couple of hours)...

Of course, Google will not sue you, you are not doing anything illegal. They might just stop "serving" things to the public before they are fully baked.


laurie said...

Issue... currently Google App accounts are not compatible with Google+

Google Apps Account accessing Google+: "Oops... you need a Google Profile to use this feature. Google Profiles is not available for your organisation."


Once this is solved businesses will really start to leverage these features. Until this is solved it will be a mess as anyone will know if they have "transitioned" any Google Apps address which also had a Google login attached to access other Google services.

Show stopper yes, once solved killer business app YES.

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