Sunday, July 3, 2011

[I'M SORRY] A hotpot tastes better with awesomesauce. Places gets a boost.

Ok, I should stop checking Google code before I go to bed. I always end up writing a blogpost about awesome stuff.
I posted today, that the social revolution just begun. I was right.
Beware: It might be, that I simply do not know these things already exist.. so, don't kick me if I'm all Captain Obvious and such.

Today on the menu: Hotpot

As it seems, Google is kinda mindreader as it guessed very well what's on my wishlist for Places... soooo shall we walk through what I found? I bet you want to know what G's got cookin' ;)

The Punchline:
"Rate your world."

Overview over all ratings
"Your ratings, reviews and public maps created on all devices",
You can also lookup nearby places on the desktop version:
"Nearby places"
And also interesting:
"Recommendations for here or to go?"
e="Search with recommendations on "+('<a target="_blank" href="'+O(a.Uh)+"?q="+ng(a.T)+'">Google Maps</a>.'
"Find the party: rate nearby "+(h+("bars</a>, "+(k+("pubs</a> and "+(l+"nightlife</a>."
Good hint, that's what I did: Rate your past!
"Rate your past: search for cities you've lived in and start rating."
Enter a category near a familiar neighborhood and city to start rating places you know.

Social Stuff
Google gives you a short overview over the benefits of rating Places:
"Rate places and add friends to get personalized recommendations whenever you search for places on Google.",
"Recommendations in search on all devices, based on your ratings, reviews and public maps"
"Your recommendations aren't just in Google Places. They come with you every time you search for places on Google: in Maps, in Place Search, and on your mobile phone.'
"Start by rating the places you know, good and bad. With each rating, we learn a bit more about your tastes, so you'll get better recommendations the next time you search."
"Add friends to discover their recommendations and share your own."

Here is my favorite part:
"Rate places in more neighborhoods and cities. Add friends who travel the globe. When you explore and rate together, you'll always have a trusted guide wherever you go."

And the best... Friends can rate your recommendations too :) So if you recommend something, they give you feedback too so to say... If they didn't like the ice-cream-kingdom for example.
"Receive email when a friend rates a recommendation from you (places you rated)"
N,d="Add friends to get better recommendations and share your own. Friends will receive a notification to add you back. "
The people like you discovery isn't new, but ... well :)
"People like you"
e="See "+('<a target="_blank" href="'+ HERE COMES THE USERNAME +'">'+(O(e.zl)+"'s recommendations</a> on a map."
places in common with you

Options (each one of them checkboxes)
"Allow Google Places to send me email notifications"
"Receive periodic Google Places newsletter with personalized recommendations and latest stats."
"Send your friends email when you rate a place they recommended (places they rated)"
"Receive email when a friend rates a recommendation from you (places you rated)"

You guys like sharing. I know that... because sharing is caring... so I give you: Twitter integration directly in Places:
<span class="hp-connect-twitter-dialog hp-dialog-title-text">',"Connect to Twitter",'</span>

"Select the Twitter account you'd like to connect Google Places to:"

"Note: By sharing your ratings to Twitter, your Places nickname ("+(O(a.bp)+") will be discoverable from your Twitter stream.");

'Or connect to <a class="hp-link" href="javascript:;" id="hp-connect-another-twitter">another Twitter account</a>.'
You can connect multiple Twitter accounts too (I guess) and they show you a neat little preview how the tweets will look like:
"How this will appear:"
They still use the old Twitter account named hotpot as it seems :)

You can upload photos for places now!
,"Upload a photo",
Images have to be approved though (I like that very much :D)
<div class="hp-place-attribution hp-place-image-pending"><a href="',O(a.Rh),'" target="_blank">From you, pending approval</a></div>

Google's friendly privacy reminders:
new N,d="Your ratings of places are <b>public on the web</b> with this nickname. "
If you haven't used Google Places yet: You can use a nickname instead of your real name :) Neat huh? So the cook won't spit in your food the next time he sees your name on the reservation after giving a shitty rating.

Of course Google gives you the ultimate Opt-Out if you want:
"Delete all your reviews. Are you sure?"
"Are you sure you would like to delete all ratings and reviews in Google Places together with your starred places and dismissed places? This operation cannot be reversed."
'Deletion process started. The number of remaining items to delete are: <span id="hp-delete-all-dialog-remaining-count"></span>. This process cannot be cancelled.'

Google Places gains some neat features:
Sharing to twitter from the website, uploading photos of places, email digests and email alerts for ratings etc.
They want to make it also attractive for the Globe-Trotters...
Only thing I didn't see yet was a ratings-tab on Google+/Google Profiles and I'm missing the "Share rating to Google+" thingy... but it seems... Awesome :D


Will Norris said...

Yes, hotpot has been out for a while:

Florian Rohrweck said...

yeah I know hotpot is out for a while, but not with this featureset ^^

Will Norris said...

oh, gotcha. I haven't really used hotpot too much, so don't remember which features are old and which are new ;)

Florian Rohrweck said...

I had to double-check too :D

Lori said...

Ok - now I feel bad about my snarky comment on G+! You're just brilliant, bro.

The biggest hurdle to massive change is always people's behavior. Because Google's approach is as a service (rather than *just* another advertising platform a la FB), they will succeed. Plus their business strategy over the past 10 years of strategic acquisitions has allowed them to gain expertise in v. important areas like video (YT), photo (picasa) maps (Earth) and mobile (Droid).

It appears the Tim Berners-Lee vision of an ubiquitous web will *finally* unfold over the next decade. Excited to see what happens next...

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