Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Buzz on Plus: A solution for semi-threaded comments (not necessarily for Plus)

Some people on Plus have a certain wish: Threaded comments.
Well... I'm not a big fan of threaded comments and I don't like the thought of a tree-view in the limited space that we have for the comments on plus.. so I thought about a different solution:
Highlighted threads

I still don't want any threaded comments as I am not sure about their usability. I don't like the disqus system as the depth is limited anyway and stops the conversation at some point (MEH!!)

This is a GENERIC solution, that is a template for social networks in general. It is a rather complicated approach, but if done right, very beneficial in some usage cases. I've missed a few points though. Inline +/@ replies will still be possible as the end of a comment reply is marked by a hit on TAB... and the automention should also be inline, I just drew it differently to have enough space to label the fields and mark the textbodies....
on the left side there is a tree version of a threaded comment system for comparison.

I know it is ugly :P
The idea is free to use, but gimme credit, that'd be nice.
p.s. I'm not sure if I'd want to see threaded comments on Google+ at all. I'm rather skeptic...


Rapiere said...

Why not integrate Wave seemlessly, that would solve many issues !

John Baker said...

WAVE _would_ be nice but there's a whole lot going on and the system today is so darn FAST I would hate to sacrifice that!

Florian nice to see someone else who indulges their obsessions occasionally! Thanks.

பீர் | Peer said...

how to link the buzz and plus, i.e. all public shares in buzz to visible in plus and vise versa.

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