Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Buzz on Plus: Grouping reshares and merging comment-streams

Yeah yeah, here we are again. Nagging me. No, actually it is not me that brought this up as an issue, but... I've to admit, that it IS kinda annoying.
People just looooooooooooooove to reshare all kind of silly things. and when there are those (I've to admit) funny GIFs out there... they spread like insane in my activity stream, clogging everything. so, crap.. what should we do about that?
Well, I thought about 3 different approaches:
Stacking, Merging and Linking.

Here's the stack:

The Stack has the advantage that the posts can have individual discussion threads. (basically that's how Reader and Buzz works now)

The merge:

The merge shows all thoughtful kitten-comments at first glance and features a combined discussion stream

And the link:

The link has the smallest footprint and can gather all comments in one stream

Now this doesn't just work for cute kitten videos, but also for very smart and clever posts that are worth to be discussed. Plus: The author gets feedback from all reshares as the reshares are basically just a link to the original post.

The only issues to solve are the privacy ones... but public posts should be no problem here.

It'd be also possible to make a post "link only" ... basically it allows resharing but the comments all go to the original post
(alternative/soft version of resharing disabled)
As my previous post, this is an idea that you can freely reuse... just gimme credit if you do


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