Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Radioactive tanning holidays!

So, while half Germany is/was chained to the tracks in Gorleben, Germany (The Atomic disposal waste whatever depot) to block the happy-train (the codename for the cask for storage and transport oradioactive material“ short CASTOR-Transport) from dumping Mr. Sadface (lots of radioactive crap) in a leaking salt-mine, the German Government decided to avoid all this media circus caused by thousands of tree-hugging and radioactivity-unliking neo-hippies and unemployed students in the near future.

Hippies. Source: dpa.

So where is the best, safest place in the world to store all kinds of dangerous, unwanted, poisonous crap?
Yeah: far, far, far away.
And far, far, far away is something like Russia. Seversk in particular.
Let's have a look:

Yep, no mine here.. A giant parking lot seems to be Russia's perfect solution to store hundred-thousand tons of uranium hexafluoride and you can see the stuff rotting from outer space.
But wth. Seversk is a place where this seriously doesn't matter. As I may cite Wikipedia:
Seversk is the site of the Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises, founded in 1954. It comprises several nuclear reactors and chemical plants for separation, enrichment, and reprocessing of uranium and plutonium. Following an agreement in March 2003 between Russia and the United States to shut down Russia's three remaining plutonium-producing reactors, two of the three plutonium producing reactors (the two that are sited at Seversk) have now been shut down.
Nuclear warheads are produced and stored on the premises. One of the most serious nuclear accidents at SGCE occurred on 6 April 1993, when a tank containing a highly radioactive solution exploded.
 I guess even the cockroaches here have superpowers.

But don't be worried about terrorists. Not even suicide bombers would want to kill themselves in this filthy mess.

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