Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to bypass the Google TV block of Hulu, Netflix and the major channels

Androidspin just posted something interesting...
As more and more sites block google tv, a company called PlayOn saw a chance to win our hearts... It's not free but comes with a certain amount of awesome-sauce, because it bypasses the blockage completely.

It is a streaming app with a server and a client part. The server is set up on a windows based PC and the client (xbox, ps3, iPhone and soon Android compatible) is set up on the device connected to the tv (or the mobile device, whatever)
check it out!
There is a free 14 day trial... but wait until the Android app is out!

a year is about 20 bucks and a lifetime license is about 80$... That's a rather good offer.

Original post on Androidspin

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