Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[HOW TO] Get a .tar.gz / tgz from Magento connect

Well... once again I ran into an interesting issue.
(and I'll skip the cursing this time)

Sometimes you need the module package of an Magento installation, but what if it is just available via Magento connect?

Well... at first you gotta get the extension key from Magento connect

The url they give you is fake, so don't bother trying...

Instead, use the given package name to construct an URL after following scheme:[PACKAGE NAME]/[VERSION]/[FULL PACKAGE NAME].tgz

this would mean for our example:

and... tadaaa, you got your .tgz archive!



gondo said...
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gondo said...

i've made online tool what automate this process, you can find it here

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