Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear Techblogs

Funny that you dig up the "great story" hours after I posted it.

This will be my last rant, I deleted all your crappy mails and I don't want to read what you are making up. That you send me this mail as a direct response to my post about your shitty methods is a proof that you IN FACT read my blog regularly.
From now on I will ignore your crap, like I did before.

Just fuck off.


And don't you fucking dare to contact me one more time.

Dear readers, fans and friends:

Please don't tell me anymore when someone steals my stuff. I'm too tired and too sick to cope with that. I know you want to help me, but I don't want to think of that anymore. 

I do this just for you. For all those Google enthusiasts like me, that enjoy what Google is coming up with :)
I don't do that for fame and I shouldn't read what the other blogs are writing.. as their assumptions are flawed most of the time anyways and since this trouble started my stomach gets worse and worse and I just don't want to risk my health because I'm angry all the time. :)

You guys and gals are great and I love you for all your support! :D

I won't mention the techblogs again, as I know that my personal matters are not why you are reading my blog. I hope you understand this last rant before this chapter is closed forever for me.

Thanks for being awesome!


Jeremy NGL said...

Thanks Florian.

Jannik Lindquist said...

Yes, thanks a lot for all your hard work, Florian. Remember that all your friends know where the good stories come from :-)

Take care,

Lisa Miller said...

Stay strong, Florian. We read you on +, that's all you need to know. Rest and heal.

Tracy said...

You know how we love you!

Richard said...

Florian.. you may want to consider sharing your insights totally within G+ now and only within a tight circle of trusted contacts..

Your health is paramount to all of us.

I for one hope you get better, and dont worry I for one will us always defend you and remind others that you are the true source..

You are awesome mate!

Tenkely said...

Good for you Florian! Keep it up, we know whats what.

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