Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[LESSONS FOR BULLIES] Girls, you actually realize that you are stupid bitches?

Yeah I mean you. You hand full of stupid, mobbing, bullying, disgusting women who form a pack of raging passive aggressive, estrogen-loaded, frustrated, two-legged failures.

Just because you are a lesser human being than everyone else on this planet, you don't have the right to live your sociopathic tendencies to the max. You are just pathetic. Bullying others, it doesn't matter if men or women, is something only people do, who finally realize what kind of shitbags they are.

If you feel guilty of being lazy, incapable of maintaining a healthy marriage or relationship, being a control-freak, jealous and a pile of donkey-vomit in general, consider changing yourself to the better instead of trying to ruin the reputation of others, trampling around on the few selfless and good-hearted people in your "territory".

BTW. it is NOT your fucking territory and it wouldn't be a loss for humanity if you'd get hit by a train. No one would miss you or cry for you, except the other sociopathic bitches that are just like you. You are basically Hitler or Osama Bin Laden. You form groups around you, teach them to hate specific individuals and use fear and terror to maintain your power.

Kicking others to make yourself feel better or less guilty? That's really lame. Ask yourself what YOU have accomplished in your life. Nothing? That doesn't surprise me.

You are pathetic.

Look in the mirror and try not to throw up when you see your real self.

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