Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some things I just have to say.

In the last decade, I saw a lot of shit going on in companies. I saw coworkers going on vacation during the hot-phase of a project, I saw bosses ripping off their employees. I saw bitches who just got off when they could bully their coworkers. I saw managers who blamed all their own mistakes on the ones who worked the hardest. I saw different departments sabotaging the projects of each other. I saw teamleaders who basically gave a handjob to the investors just to steal the funds of other teams.
I see all that and the only thing I feel is unbearable disgust.
Do you want to know why the economy and companies are so fucked up? Just because of all that. I got bullied and screwed, ripped off, because I can't and won't ever accept that.
Companies die because of selfish, egomaniac bitches and assholes. It is rarely the fault of the employees that a company is broke, but the hard working, honest people are the first ones to be blamed.
One phenomenon I can always find everywhere in society is the -how I call it- "curse of the A-graders". If you constantly work at 100%, people won't appreciate it. They just give you more work. Then you work at 110% and try to do everything flawlessly, like you used to do. After a while, you start being exhausted. Others hate you for your perfection because they feel guilty or fear that you endanger their "I don't care how much I work, I get paid anyway" lifestyle. And they start looking for mistakes. They start to bully you. You are exhausted. The psychological pressure adds to the huge workload and you start making mistakes. The others who are just used to your perfection, punish you for your mistakes and that adds to the almost unbearable pressure. The lazy workers who just do crappy work never get punished, not even for capital mistakes. You get more and more vulnerable and the bullies hit you and hit you. They intrigue and add fuel to the fire by talking in a bad way about you. They kick you out of the social circle and use even that as a weapon. "see, he/she doesn't want to be with us, so he/she must clearly think to be something better!" Even if it was them who kicked you out in the first place, stop talking to you, don't invite you to activities. And if you have a good reason for not being able to attend, for example a Christmas party, they just claim that it is an excuse.
While I'm writing this, I am thinking about publishing the names of all these disgusting people who do that to someone who means the world to me.
All this human garbage, this vomit inducing subjects would deserve to be named, to be revealed to the world, so everyone knows what is going on behind their fake smiles.
These people are the cancer of society. One project that I would like to realize, is a public database of companies and persons who love to torture others. They deserve it. They deserve even worse than that.
I can just hope that one day, they will finally get what they deserve.

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