Sunday, November 7, 2010

SyFy just got lame

Guess who joined the legion of doom aka "the networks that block google TV".. 
SyFy sucks.

Yeah right, SyFy. WTF guys? Are you too stupid to realize that you can't gain cash cows this way? What is the sense of all this childish crap?
Almost EVERY modern PC has an HDMI Out and guess what I still can do with my awesome tech skills...
I summon a HDMI cable with black nerd magic and connect it to a HD-TV. Wow. And, suddenly I've got your shit streaming on my TV.
Come on... why are you that stupid? You're pissing off a crapload of people. YOUR VIEWERS. You simply gain nothing from that!

BTW.: Canceling Caprica without a proper ending and introducing WRESTLING on a sci-fi channel PRIME TIME!? Are you serious? Who runs your crappy company? A horde of autistic monkeys?!

Monkey says fudge you

That was a short one. Rant rant rant.

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