Sunday, November 7, 2010

Show me your phone and I tell you that Statistics are bullshit

Let's have a look at two graphs.
Monthly telephone bill per smartphone manufacturer

Ok. Simple economics 101.
If your girlfriend works for a phonesex-hotline, don't call her at work. Over 160$?! WTF? Are these stats from a third world country? Or is it from Brazil, where everything is a bit more expensive, just like the PS3 for over 3700 Bucks.

Mary raised in the original post the question, why the heck the iPhone bill is the lowest in the graph.
Well, Mary, that's an easy one. It's because, if you call your phonesex-hotline-girlfriend at work, you'll def. drop the call, because you "are holding it wrong" while your right hand is... uhm... "busy doing stuff". (see my other Blogpost "No porn on iPhone - No phone-sex on iPhone4 either.")
That will save you a crapload of money. So, Jobs was right. It's not a bug, no, it is a feature!
When you're constantly dropping calls, no wonder the phone-bill is lowest in the stats.

Monthly (!new!) credit card charges per month

Ok... Since the recession, paying hookers with the company credit card isn't really an option anymore. So, of course the credit card expenses exploded a little. Look at the graph and you have the undeniable proof that this study is actually totally true: "iPhone users have had more sex partners than Android and BlackBerry users".
Still I'm asking myself who the actual audience of this Pageonce study was... Looks like something in the money/loan business. If it were from the 80's I'd say Wallstreet and the CEO of Napster*.
*Lets it snow in summer just like in the 80's

My tip: Android is for porn and you're never holding it wrong, so you've no need for hookers and/or a girlfriend in the phonesexbusiness. They key to success.


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