Monday, November 8, 2010

God save the Queen! (and free online navigation)

So, the British Monarchy has finally arrived in the 21st century and got a Facebook page, yay!

I'm totally waiting for the first parteeeeey pics of the both youngsters Harry and theotheronewhosnameiforgot.

So I did a little research but sadly the MI6 still doesn't have a facebook page. Meh. Whatsoever. At least they didn't pixelate their address in Google StreetView like #blurmany did.

But hey, we all know that our neighbors have something to hide, don't we? After all they are more important than the Secret Service of Great Britain.
Google is evil. Yeah and while the techno-paranoid neo-1984-privacy-hippies worry about the lack of privacy, street view and facebook, their neighbors are already speculating about a rape-shelter in their basement they may be trying to hide.

You can consider yourself lucky, that it's Obama's turn now. Bush would already invade Blurmany because of their obvious attempt to hide weapons of mass destructions in the blurred houses. Terrorists!

This leads me to the next interesting thing that happened a few days ago.
Nicaragua accidently invaded Costa Rica because of faulty Google Maps data.
Ok. WTF? Which stupid country uses maps downloaded from the internet for military maneuvers? Hello?! I don't even trust that stuff when I use free navigation to get around in Austria?! I am ALWAYS aware of the possibility that the material might be inaccurate or incorrect! Just like the little fun vacations Google tends to suggest but can be avoided if you use your brain while driving...

We are all doomed.

If every army does that, maybe japan invades china by jetskiing over the pacific ocean soon.


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